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Using pain to institute change in your life!
by Ken Dennis

Why do you do something that harms you? Why do you do something that has an overall negative effect in your life? Why do you do something that will make you unhappy later?

The answers to those questions are not easy. When you are overeating, or eating unhealthy foods you are happy and content during the time that you are eating them. You know that you shouldn’t have them, but eat them anyway. The reason for this is the positive effect eating gives you at that very moment, is far less painful then the cruel realization that you will have to deal with in the future.

Now what exactly do I mean by that? You know that to stop eating fatty, delicious foods and start exercising will be harder in the long run than you are ready to commit yourself to fixing. Why is that?

In my personal experience, when something seems so difficult, you need adequate motivation to make such a drastic change of your life. There are many schools of thought on how this can be done. However it is my opinion based on my life that the best way to force yourself to change is to create a huge list of reasons why if you wait any longer to change what will happen to you!

I think people in general like to think that positive goals are far easier used to inspire ones self to do things. However, I believe the opposite may be true. I think that create a list of pain and bad things associated with a problem is far more beneficial! Indulge my idea for a moment please. Think of times in your past where fear of mental pain or reprimand has inspired you to do something. If you can’t think of anything, let me help you with one possible situation. You have a large assignment due in school the next day, you’ve had a week to do it, but kept putting it off. The night before it’s due you work your tail off to finish your project. WHY? Because you fear the result if you DON’T! The idea of finishing a good project over long period of time was not sufficient positive influence in your life to make you want to do it, but the thought of getting in trouble, or failing because of NOT doing it is a far more inspiring method!

Now that I’ve started off on this tangent you may be asking yourself, well that seems like a reasonable idea, but what does that have to do with me, and my current problem? Well let me tell you, you can use this method to inspire you towards a positive area of your life, by instilling a fear of failing in you!

One way, which has been beneficial to me personally, is the following. Get a piece of paper and write your problem at the top. Let’s say “Overeating and being unhappy with my weight”. Now what I want you to do is write up a list of statements that are reasons why you *MUST* change your way of life RIGHT NOW. For instance, here are a few ideas that may be in that list:

I will not be happy looking at myself in the mirror. My spouse does not find me as attractive. I might not live as long as I could because of my weight.

Use as many examples and ideas as you can come up with, and be graphic worse case scenario to help you. “My spouse doesn’t find me as attractive” well that could lead to possible divorce. That could lead to your children being sad and without a good influence in their life. I want you to use as many graphic ideas as you can to make it seem like you MUST change RIGHT NOW!

Now I want you to make a second list, this list is ALL the positive aspects that will happen because of this change. Here are a few ideas for you:

I will look better in my clothing I will be more sexy I will have lots of energy! I will have a stronger relationship I will love longer and healthier! I won’t get sick as often!

Those are just a few of the benefits to losing weight for some people! Wouldn’t you like to have those results and many more? I really want you to look at these lists, and make sure that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you must change, and these will be the results. Then do everything you can to make these positive changes in your life! Remember what could happen if you don’t! Start small, take the stairs, walk to the corner store, so pushups, do sit-ups, eat healthier foods, reduce or stop the bad food intake!

Use these two lists to INSPIRE you to make a positive change in your life!!

I know that if you implement these lists, look at them daily, you will make it to your goals, you just have to believe that you MUST!

Ken Dennis (ken@getbulky.com) Inspirational Writer and Webmaster of: Getbulky Health & Fitness http://www.getbulky.com

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