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Avoid Overeating During the Holidays: Take Back Your Power!
by Maria Richard

The key to maintaining healthy eating habits is to focus or tune into your body's signals of hunger and fullness.

Relax your attitude about food and the holidays won't be a problem! Easily said, right? Think about it. Are you uptight about food? Are you so afraid of starving that you are stuffing yourself as if you'll never eat again? Or, are you eating to control emotions, such as anger or happiness, or to cover up social anxiety?

Take back your power! When you eat because you are afraid of not having enough, you're giving the power and control to the fear. Remember that you can eat any time you wish. Stuffing yourself now will not keep you free from hunger in the future. Enjoy your food. Let your body tell you when it has had enough. Pay attention to your taste buds and your stomach to find out what and how much to eat. Eating to control emotions or to mask social anxiety also gives your power away. You may think that you are in control - but it is the thing you fear that really controls your actions. Learn to live with and deal with your emotions.

If you catch yourself "shoveling it in," stop and ask your self what is going on. If you need help or are having trouble getting your power back consider counseling.

What about parties? Plan to be moderately hungry and allow yourself to eat. If you eat a meal before going to the party, you may feel deprived at the party. Enjoy the foods you want to eat in moderation. If you don't eat at the party, you may be setting yourself up to overeat when you get home.

Learning to listen to your body can seem difficult, especially if you aren't accustomed to your body's signals. A good way to start is to take a deep breath and ask your self "What is this sensation? What does it mean? Am I hungry? Do I really want to eat this?" Love yourself enough to say yes when you feel like saying yes and no when you feel like saying no. Knowing you can relax and trust yourself around food is important.

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Maria Richard is a seminar leader, writer and speaker. She's earned certifications in Holistic Health, Broadcasting and she's a Certified Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming. She's studied the Empowerment Method as well as other areas of human potential. She's a published writer and has been interviewed on radio and television. She recently published her first book for women, Evolving from Shrinking Violet to Willow Woman. http://www.mariarichard.com/

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