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Pine Needle Tea
Nature's Remedy Loaded with Vitamin C

by Leon Toille

It has been known for hundreds of years that a tea or broth made from hot water (do not boil) with 1/2 cup of pine needles is the cure for scurvy, and some varieties of pine produce a tea with more Vitamin C than is contained in 6 lemons! Let the tea steep for about two hours at least. Most pine needle teas are surprisingly not bitter...but if your tea a little bitter for your taste, add a little honey, preferably unpasteurized.

Jacques Cartier, one of the discoverer's of Canada, together with about half of his ship's crew, were saved from scurvy death (caused by lack of Vitamin C) when native people made a broth of pine needles when they came ashore...half the crew being dead already...and everyone drinking the tea survived.

Almost any variety of pine needles will work - when they are fresh and green (don't dry them out). Scientists also say there are many medicinal ingredients in pine needles besides Vitamin C. I have also used fresh green cedar "leaves" as well.

You don't need oranges and lemons in northern climates...health benefits are available from your nearest evergreen tree!

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