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The Golden Drink of the Angels 

Angelica is used in a variety of herbal teas in different parts of the world. The Swiss have a traditional recipe for angelica liqueur, which they call Vespetro. Traditionally, it has been used as a warming and stimulating medicinal liqueur. Just a small sip of Vespetro is said to quickly relieve cramps, chills, digestive upsets, and flatulence. Even though it tastes delicious, this is a true medicinal tincture, not an after-dinner liqueur. The recommended dose of the "golden drink of the angels" is ten drops in water, taken three times daily thirty minutes before meals.

2 ounces Angelica seeds 
1/4 ounce anise seeds 
1/4 ounce fennel seeds 
1/5 ounce coriander seeds (approximate) 
8 ounces of food-grade alcoholic spirits such as vodka (Do not use rubbing alcohol) 
1 pound fine sugar 
2 1/2 pints pure water 

1. Grind the seeds together. If you want 10 follow tradition, use a mortar and pestle. If your kitchen boasts a seed mill, that will make it much easier to do the job. 

2. Have ready a glass bottle holding the food-grade alcoholic spirits. Vodka is the best choice, because it has so little flavor of its own. Add the well-pulverized and blended seeds to the vodka, cork the bottle well, and give it a good shake.

3. Allow the mixture 10 stand in a warm place for 8 days to steep. Shake it every lime you think about it. After 8 days of sleeping, strain the mixture through a cheesecloth bag, twisting well 10 extract every drop. 

4. Dissolve the sugar in the water. Blend in the flavored spirits. Bottle and cork lightly. 

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