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Hindu Prayer for Mercy

I muse on my heart and I ponder this question:
When shall I again be at one with Varuna?
Will he accept without rancor my offering?
When, reassured, shall I taste of his mercy?

I question myself on my sin, O Varuna,
desirous to know it. I seek out the wise
to ask them; the sages all give me this answer,
"The God, great Varuna, is angry with you."

What, then, O God, is my greatest transgression
for which you would ruin your singer, your friend?
Tell me, O God who knows all and lacks nothing,
so that, quickly prostrating, I may sinless crave pardon.

Loose us from the yoke of the sins of our fathers
and also from those we ourselves have committed.
Release your servant, as a thief is set free
from his crime or as a calf is loosed from its cord.

Source: Rig Veda 7.86.2-5

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