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Powerful Prayers

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Prayers 51 - 100

  1. Prayer In Time Of Suffering

  2. Prayer In Time Of Sickness

  3. Prayer For The Sick

  4. St. Patrick's Breastplate

  5. Thank you God for creating ME!

  6. Tagore: This is my prayer to thee

  7. Hindu Invocation Prayer: Peace, Peace Be Unto All

  8. Hindu Prayer - From Bhagavad gita: Be pleased to show mercy, O God!

  9. Sikh Prayer for Abundance

  10. Islam: Allah is the light of the heavens and of the earth

  11. Ghana Ashanti - Prayer for Blessing and Thanksgiving

  12. Saint Benedict : Prayer for Guidance

  13. Sanskrit Salutation To The Dawn

  14. India: Prayer for Peace - Invocation from the World Parliament of Religions

  15. Islamic Prayer for Peace

  16. American Indian Prayer for Peace - Cheyenne

  17. Jain - Prayer for Peace

  18. Zoroastrian Prayer- God Is Love

  19. Hindu: Prayer for the Unity of All Life

  20. American Indian - Navajo: Prayer for Healing (Affirmation)

  21. Irish Prayer: May there always be work for your hands to do

  22. St. Francis Of Assisi:Where there is charity and wisdom

  23. Thanksgiving Prayer - Christian

  24. Thanksgiving Prayer - Irish (Gaelic)

  25. Thanksgiving Prayer - Samburu (Kenya)

  26. Thanksgiving Prayer - India: Swami Paramananda

  27. Thanksgiving Prayer - American Indian

  28. Thanksgiving Prayer - Hindu Prayer For Meals

  29. Thanksgiving  Prayer Builder

  30. A Different Thanksgiving Prayer

  31. Thanksgiving Prayer - Gaddy

  32. An Irish Prayer of Blessing

  33. Prayer of Saint Benedict

  34. Adoration: I love You for being You, God!

  35. Dear Jesus - Prayer for Favors

  36. Islam Prayer - Sura Al Baqarah

  37. Prayer When You Are Depressed - Dr. Walter L. Weston

  38. Yogi Bhajan

  39. Prayer by Santideva

  40. Traditional Buddhist Blessing and Healing Chant

  41. Blessing by The Buddha

  42. Navaho chant

  43. Sioux prayer

  44. Beloved God - Healing Prayer by Alan Cohen

  45. Healing Prayer by Marianne Williamson

  46. A Prayer by Guillevic

  47. A Prayer By Saint Hildegard of Bingen

  48. Prayer To The Holy Spirit

  49. Angelic Hymn - Orthodox Prayer

  50. Prayer of Severios - Orthodox Prayer 

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