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Powerful Prayers

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Prayers 201 - 250

  1. Christian: Evening Prayer by St. Antioch

  2. Christian: Evening Prayer by St. Macarius the Great

  3. Christian: Evening Prayer for the Forgiveness of Sins

  4. Christian: O Lord, Give Us More Charity By Henry Alford

  5. Christian: Thou Art Our God Everlasting

  6. Lord, Teach Me The Art Of Patience By Thomas Fuller

  7. Prayer For Unity by Movement For Reforming Society

  8. Still He Walked!! Meditation on the Crucifixion of Christ

  9. A Prayer For Weight Loss By Lynn

  10. Stay with me, God. A Soldier's Prayer

  11. A Prayer For World Peace By Dr. Ernest Holmes

  12. Child Of Light Prayer by May Rowland

  13. Meditation On The Word Guidance

  14. Christian: The Glory Be To The Father

  15. Christian: The Apostles' Creed

  16. Christian: An Act of Faith

  17. Christian: An Act of Hope

  18. Christian: An Act of Love

  19. Christian: An Act of Contrition

  20. Christian: Mealtime Prayers

  21. Prayer for life and for mental clarity By Greta Morrison

  22. Mother of Goodness By Greta Morrison

  23. Prayer For Unification of Self By Greta Morrison

  24. Christian: A Prayer of Remembrance

  25. Prayer for Those Affected by Physical, Sexual, Political or Emotional Violence

  26. A Table Blessing (Meal Time Prayer) From Brazil

  27. Episcopal Church: Servants of Peace

  28. Christian: Prayer for Peace - Anglican Maori Liturgy From The New Zealand

  29. Christian: A prayer for Peace and Hope from Taiwan

  30. Catholic prayer: The Memorale

  31. Grace For Groups By  Rev. Marcy Sheremetta (Niagara)

  32. Jesus, lead me in the darkness By Alice Stephens

  33. Baha'i Prayer: Thy Name is My Healing

  34. Baha'i Prayer: O God! Refresh and Gladden My Spirit

  35. Christian: Meditation on John 3:16

  36. Christian: Special Christmas Prayer for Peace and Reconciliation

  37. Prayer for New Year - 2003 By The Rev. Kenneth W. Chalker,
     First United Methodist Church

  38. Prayer for New Year - 2003 By Mother Ana, Serbian Orthodox Church

  39. Prayer for New Year - 2003 By The Rev. Paula Maeder Connor, Lutheran Church

  40. Prayer for New Year - 2003 By The Rev. Larry Macon Sr. Mount Zion Church

  41. Prayer for New Year - 2003 By Ven. Shih Ying-Fa, Zen Center

  42. Prayer for New Year - 2003 by The Rev. Mark DeNardo, St. Patrick Church

  43. Prayer for New Year - 2003 by Imam Fawaz Damra, Islamic Center

  44. Prayer for New Year - 2003 by Rabbi Stephen Weiss, Jewish Prayer

  45. New Year’s Prayer by Reverend Marcy

  46. Prayer To Saint Jude

  47. Prayer To Focus on Christ

  48. A reconciliation prayer for the great lent (Christian, Orthodox)

  49. Affirmation of Faith (Christian) by Kate Compston, England

  50. A Prayer For The World By Rabbi Harold S. Kushner

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