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Prayers from Christianity

  1. The Twenty Third Psalm

  2. Lord's Prayer

  3. Prayer Of Heart Or Prayer Of Jesus

  4. Prayer Of Mary Stewart

  5. Prayer Attributed To John Whittier

  6. Cadet’s Prayer

  7. Prayer For Artists Attributed To: Rev. Karl Ryland

  8. General Prayer attributed To Thomas A Kempis

  9. O God, Help Us – A Prayer Attributed to Wallace Fridy

  10. Oh God, I ask not for easier tasks - Prayer Attributed to Harry Bullis

  11. O Holy Spirit of God, abide with us - Prayer by John Baillie

  12. Prayer by Thomas Aquinas

  13. Prayer by Howard Grose

  14. O God We Thank Thee by Walter Rauschenbusch

  15. Dear heavenly Father by William De Witt Hyde

  16. Almighty God, the Giver of Wisdom by Samuel Johnson

  17. Confessional Prayer From The Sixteenth Century

  18. God, Please Forgive Me By C. Welton Gaddy

  19. Thank You, Thank You, Generous God! By C. Welton Gaddy

  20. A Prayer For Healing attr. Timothy Dailey

  21. Christian Bedtime Prayer - Orthodox Church

  22. Prayer for Friends

  23. Prayer for Others

  24. Prayer of Healing 

  25. A Prayer for Business/Occupation

  26. Prayer for Help

  27. A Physician's Prayer

  28. Make Me an Instrument of Your Peace By Saint Francis of Assisi

  29. A Bedside Prayer

  30. The Serenity Prayer

  31. Anima Christi

  32. Thanksgiving For A Favor Received

  33. Prayer Of Spouses For Each Other

  34. Blessing On Anniversaries

  35. Prayer In Time Of Suffering

  36. Prayer In Time Of Sickness

  37. Prayer For The Sick

  38. St. Patrick's Breastplate

  39. Thank you God for creating ME!

  40. Saint Benedict: Prayer for Guidance

  41. Irish Prayer: May there always be work for your hands to do

  42. St. Francis Of Assisi:†Where there is charity and wisdom

  43. Thanksgiving Prayer - Christian

  44. Thanksgiving Prayer - Irish (Gaelic)

  45. Thanksgiving  Prayer Builder

  46. A Different Thanksgiving Prayer

  47. Thanksgiving Prayer - Gaddy

  48. An Irish Prayer of Blessing

  49. Prayer of Saint Benedict

  50. Adoration: I love You for being You, God!

  51. Dear Jesus - Prayer for Favors

  52. Prayer When You Are Depressed - Dr. Walter L. Weston

  53. Beloved God - Healing Prayer by Alan Cohen

  54. Healing Prayer by Marianne Williamson

  55. A Prayer by Guillevic

  56. A Prayer By Saint Hildegard of Bingen

  57. Prayer To The Holy Spirit

  58. Angelic Hymn - Orthodox Prayer

  59. Prayer of Severios - Orthodox Prayer 

  60. The Lord's Prayer By St. Francis Of Assisi

  61. God With Me - Celtic Prayer

  62. Give Me, Good Lord By Thomas More

  63. The Mozarabic Prayer

  64. Majestic King By Teresa of Avila

  65. Morning prayer - Just for Today - St. Augustine

  66. The Mozarabic Morning Prayer

  67. A Godly Meditation by Thomas More

  68. Nada Te Turbe by Teresa of Avila

  69. Mozarabic Prayer for Completion of Work

  70. After The Final Confession by Thomas More

  71. Teach Us by Rudyard Kipling

  72. Irish Prayer For a sick brother by Dimma

  73. Welsh Prayer

  74. Prayer for Protection

  75. Alcuin of York: Prayer at Time of War and Catastrophe

  76. Henry Suso: Unbearable Suffering

  77. Henry Suso: Suffering As Discipline

  78. Psalm 46: Prayer at Time of Trouble

  79. 23rd Psalm - with short commentary by B & T Gooding

  80. Orthodox Prayer: Rise up, O Children of Light

  81. O! Thou that are manifest - General Prayer

  82. Christian Prayer: Morning Prayer

  83. Christian Prayer for A New Beginning by Mark

  84. Prayer for New Year By Kay Hoffman

  85. Christian Prayer: God Is up to Something by Paul Ciniraj

  86. A Prayer for Close of Day by Rev. Nancy Freier

  87. An Intimate Conversation With God by Thomas A Kempis

  88. Late Have I Loved You by Saint Augustine

  89. Bedtime Prayer - A Hymn by Ken

  90. A Prayer for Times When It Looks Like You Have Failed By Rev. Robert H. Schuller

  91. Christian Prayer - Jesus Help Me

  92. My Prayer

  93. Success: A Prayer By Rev. Robert H. Schuller

  94. A Prayer for all Occasions By Ward Patterson

  95. Comfort Prayer By Thomas Moore

  96. On Each Return of the Night By Jane Austen

  97. Prayer for Home Blessing By Dolores Curran

  98. Paraphrase on Psalm 57 By Leslie F. Brandt

  99. The Promise of Prayer By Ansu Sam

  100. A Time for Prayer - Adapted from Orthodox Liturgy

  101. Rosary: The Hail Mary

  102. Litany of the Blessed Virgin

  103. Litany of the Sacred Heart

  104. Prayer for Peace by Mother Teresa

  105. Radiating Christ By Cardinal Newman

  106. I offer up unto Thee my prayers and intercessions By Thomas A Kempis

  107. Light Up The Small Duties Of This Day's Life By St. Augustine

  108. Christian: Morning Prayer to the Holy Trinity

  109. Christian: Morning Prayer of Metropolitan Philaret of Moscow

  110. Christian: Morning Prayer of Thanks

  111. Christian: Morning Prayer By St. Basil the Great

  112. Christian: The Rule of Prayer by St. Seraphim of Sarov

  113. Christian: I Praise Thee, O God, For All Thy Blessings

  114. Christian: Prayer by St. Basil the Great

  115. Christian: Grant Me That Devotion And Love To Thee

  116. Christian: Prayer for the Acceptance of God's Will by Metropolitan Philaret of Moscow

  117. Christian: Prayer for Forgiveness

  118. Christian: Evening Prayer by St. Antioch

  119. Christian: Evening Prayer by St. Macarius the Great

  120. Christian: Evening Prayer for the Forgiveness of Sins

  121. Christian: O Lord, Give Us More Charity By Henry Alford

  122. Christian: Thou Art Our God Everlasting

  123. Lord, Teach Me The Art Of Patience By Thomas Fuller

  124. Still He Walked!! Meditation on the Crucifixion of Christ

  125. A Prayer For Weight Loss By Lynn

  126. The Glory Be To The Father

  127. The Apostles' Creed

  128. An Act Of Faith

  129. An Act Of Hope

  130. An Act Of Love

  131. An Act Of Contrition

  132. Mealtime Prayers

  133. A Prayer of Remembrance

  134. Prayer for Those Affected by Physical, Sexual, Political or Emotional Violence

  135. A Table Blessing (Meal Time Prayer) From Brazil

  136. Episcopal Church: Servants of Peace

  137. Prayer for Peace - Anglican Maori Liturgy From The New Zealand

  138. A prayer for Peace and Hope from Taiwan

  139. Catholic prayer: The Memorale

  140. Grace For Groups By  Rev. Marcy Sheremetta (Niagara)

  141. Jesus, lead me in the darkness By Alice Stephens

  142. Meditation on John 3:16

  143. Special Christmas Prayer for Peace and Reconciliation

  144. Prayer for New Year - 2003 By The Rev. Kenneth W. Chalker,
     First United Methodist Church

  145. Prayer for New Year - 2003 By Mother Ana, Serbian Orthodox Church

  146. Prayer for New Year - 2003 By The Rev. Paula Maeder Connor, Lutheran Church

  147. Prayer for New Year - 2003 By The Rev. Larry Macon Sr. Mount Zion Church

  148. Prayer for New Year - 2003 by The Rev. Mark DeNardo, St. Patrick Church

  149. Prayer To Saint Jude

  150. Prayer To Focus on Christ

  151. A reconciliation prayer for the great lent (Christian, Orthodox)

  152. Affirmation of Faith (Christian) by Kate Compston, England

  153. I Wept by Paul Ciniraj

  154. Still He Walked: Meditation on Jesus Christ's walk to Calvary and His Crucifixion

  155. Daily Prayer By Mother Teresa

  156. A Prayer By Henry Wadsworth Long Fellow

  157. Christ's Cross - A Celtic Prayer

  158. Meditations On The Cross

  159. Litany for Peace by Dr. Paulos Mar Gregorios

  160. Prayer for Peace by Dr. Paulos Mar Gregorios

  161. The Great Invocation

  162. God Our Protector (Based on Psalm 91)

  163. Answer to Jabezís prayer

  164. Prayer to St. Mary Recommended by Mother Teresa

  165. Intercessionary Prayer to St. Mary Used by Mother Teresa

  166. My Prayer

  167. Healing Prayer: Breathe on Me, Breath of God

  168. Healing Prayer: While I can

  169. Healing Prayer: My Body That Is Sick Unto Death

  170. Prayer when loved ones die: There are no dead people

  171. Prayer at the Death of Loved One

  172. Prayer for Friends

  173. Thanksgiving Prayer

  174. Prayer of Thanksgiving

  175. Thanksgiving to Christ: Saint Anselm

  176. Thanksgiving Psalm: Psalm 135

  177. Thanksgiving For All God's Gifts: Catholic Church

  178. Thanksgiving Prayer - Fridy

  179. In Thanksgiving: Catholic

  180. Make my soul to mirror Thee

  181. Have mercy upon us

  182. Prayer: Indian Orthodox Church

  183. Prayer From A Trusting Soul: Catholic

  184. The Patience Of God

  185. A Universal Prayer: Christian

  186. Lead Gently, Lord

  187. A City of God

  188. Prayer For Travelers: Catholic Church

  189. Prayer For A Journey: Catholic

  190. Benediction: Indian Orthodox Church

  191. Christmas Prayer - Brookes

  192. Christmas Prayer - Fridy

  193. Prayer of the Midnight Service

  194. Prayer for Occasions such as New Years Day etc.

  195. Prayer for Inner Peace

  196. Deep Peace: Gaelic blessing

  197. Prayer For Peace And Unity: Acceptance

  198. Prayer For Diverse Blessings

  199. Prayer for Love

  200. Prayer For The Gift of The Spirit (Love, Joy, Peace)

  201. A Christian Prayer for Peace

  202. Hymn of a Grateful Heart: Psalm 137

  203. In Praise of Virginity by Ephrem of Edessa (Praise to St. Mary)

  204. Eastern Orthodox Church: Prayer for Healing

  205. Eastern Orthodox Church: Prayer In Time Of Trouble

  206. Prayer of Faith when Sick: My Heart Yearns For Him

  207. A Prayer For One Who Is Sick

  208. Prayer for Healing: My Body That Is Sick Unto Death

  209. Modified Jesus Prayer

  210. Prayers Of The Bible

  211. Let the light of Thy wisdom and knowledge shine in the souls of those who seek Thee - Orthodox Prayer

  212. Prayer for the Helpless

  213. Prayer for Those Unheard

  214. I Devote My Life and Everything in Your Service

  215. Prayer of Adoration

  216. Christian Prayer for Healing

  217. Healing Prayer

  218. Prayer For Health and Healing

  219. Christian Prayer for Healing and to Release Self from Satan and All Evil Spirits

  220. Prayer to Save from Evil

  221. Prayer for Protection from Evil

  222. Prayer to Save From Evil Spirits

  223. Prayer to Deliver from Evil

  224. Prayer Against Every Evil

  225. Prayer For Deliverance

  226. Prayer for Peace

  227. Christian Prayer for Peace

  228. Prayers in time of war

  229. Prayer for Peace

  230. Prayer for Troops

  231. Prayer for Prosperity

  232. Affirmations for Prosperity

  233. Prayer for Peace

  234. Prayer for Peace

  235. Prayer in time of war

  236. Prayer for Friends

  237. Blessed Christmas - includes opening prayer used at Church of Nativity

  238. Prayer for the New Year

  239. A Simple Prayer

  240. Prayer of Repentance - Orthodox Church

  241. Prayer of Supplication - Orthodox Church

  242. Angelic Hymn, Hymn of St. Athanasius. Orthodox Church

  243. Morning Prayer, Orthodox Church

  244. Prayer of Repentance, Orthodox Church

  245. Communion Song (Catholic Church)

  246. God Forgives Us (Catholic Penitential Rite)

  247. Gloria (Catholic Prayer)

  248. Help me to spread Thy fragrance - A Prayer by Mother Teresa

  249. A Simple Path - A Prayer by Mother Teresa

  250. Lead Me to Peace A Prayer by Mother Teresa

  251. A Prayer of Children

  252. Worship to your Word

  253. Take me, O Lord

  254. Change Us

  255. Ask For your Kingdom, Power, and Glory

  256. LORD is my Lover

  257. Show Me the Truth

  258. Help Me

  259. A true and fruitful branch - Mother Teresa

  260. Mother's Evening Prayer

  261. It is only by dying with you that we can rise with You - Mother Teresa

  262. Prayer of St. Patrick

  263. Make us worthy Lord - Mother Teresa

  264. Dear Heavenly Father

  265. My God, My God - Mother Teresa

  266. Lenten Prayers of St. Nersess

  267. Thank You Lord

  268. Prayer to St. Mary

  269. Annunciation to St. Mary - Orthodox Prayer

  270. Christian Prayer

  271. O God Hear Our Prayer

  272. The Quietness Of Prayer

  273. Prayer For Someone Who Is Ill

  274. Prayer for Healing

  275. Intercession for a Friend

  276. Just for Today

  277. Prayer to Do God's Will

  278. Deliver Us From Fear

  279. Prayer to St. Joseph

  280. Lord, teach us how to pray!

  281. To Thee our prayers ascend

  282. Blessed Jesus, Blessed Jesus!

  283. Make in my heart a quiet place

  284. Christian Prayer for the Sick

  285. Christian Prayer for Shelter Against the Storm

  286. The Cross

  287. The Seven Second Prayer

  288. Have mercy on me a sinner by St. Nonnus

  289. Lord Guide Us to You

  290. African Hymn, 10th century

  291. Prayers by Leofric

  292. Give us steadfast hearts by Kempis

  293. Te Deum (We praise Thee)

  294. Te Deum Laudamus

  295. In Thanksgiving - A Catholic Prayer

  296. Prayer From A Trusting Soul - Catholic Prayer

  297. Thanksgiving To Christ

  298. Prayer for Others

  299. Come, Holy Spirit

  300. A General Confession

  301. Glory be to thee

  302. Prayer For The Terminally Ill

  303. Prayer for the Forgiveness Of Sins

  304. Light our path Your way

  305. Prayer of Thanksgiving

  306. Prayers before a meal

  307. Hymn of Strength

  308. A Prayer Service for Victims of the Asian Tsunami

  309. God is Our Refuge --- Psalm 46 - A Meditation

  310. A Sacrifice of Thanksgiving: A Meditation on Psalm 50

  311. The dishonesty of denying God's existence: A Meditation on Psalm 53

  312. Intercession to St. Mary

  313. Prayer for the Departed Soul

  314. An Orthodox Christian Prayer to Theotokos

  315. Morning Prayer of the Opthina Elders

  316. St. Patrick's Breastplate

  317. Lord, save me from my sins

  318. Eucharistic prayer of Mar Philexenos

  319. A Meditation of Psalms 105 and 106

  320. A Meditation of Psalm 104

  321. A Meditation of Psalm 103

  322. A Meditation of Psalm 1

  323. Thanksgiving Prayer

  324. Holy Communion Prayers

  325. Christian Prayer for the Healing and the Blessing

  326. Prayer to use when someone passes away

  327. Evangelism Prayer

  328. Jesus Prayer

  329. Meditative Prayer to Jesus

  330. Thanksgiving Prayer from Armenia

  331. Speaking with God from the Depths of the Heart - Part 1

  332. Speaking with God from the Depths of the Heart - Part 2

  333. Prayer To The Eternal Father

  334. Supplication To The Holy Spirit

  335. A Prayer By Mor Philoxinus Of Mabugh

  336. A Prayer By Mor Isaiah The Hermit

  337. My Soul Magnifies (The Glorification of the Virgin Mary)

  338. Thank You Lord - A Prayer of Thanksgiving

  339. Prayer for Peace

  340. Prayer for a Sick Priest/Bishop etc.

  341. Prayer for Those Who Mourn

  342. A New Year Prayer

  343. Akathist (Standing Up) Hymn to Jesus Christ

  344. A Prayer for Unity

  345. Excerpts from the Lent Evening Service - Syrian Orthodox Church

  346. Prayers During the Great Lent

  347. The Lenten Prayer of St Ephrem the Syrian

  348. The voice of a sighing heart

  349. My heavy laden soul . . . how can I describe you?

  350. A new book of psalms sings with urgency through me

  351. Litany for Peace

  352. Prayer for Peace

  353. A Prayer from the Desert

  354. Another Prayer from the Desert

  355. Prayer of Ephraim the Syrian

  356. Prayer for Sick

  357. Prayer for Church

  358. Blessed Be

  359. Prayer for All Souls Day

  360. Prayer for Bereaved Parents

  361. Prayer to strengthen us during difficult times

  362. Prayer for One Who Has Passed

  363. For Those Who Have Died

  364. A Commendation at the Time of Death

  365. The Burial of the Dead: Rite One

  366. Prayer for a Burial Ceremony

  367. Prayer At the Burial of a Child

  368. Give Ear, O Lord, to My Prayer

  369. Give Us Grace

  370. Make Me Brave for Life

  371. Your Love and Your Grace by St. Ignatius of Loyola

  372. Surround Me With Your Light

  373. A New Zealand Prayer of Repentance

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