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The Infinity Of God 
From Bhagavad Gita

I see you in all things, O my God. Infinity itself is your creation. And all around are the signs of your infinity: the bursting life of countless plants; the unending song of innumerable birds; the tireless movement of animals and insects.

Nowhere can I see a beginning or an end of your creation.

I see the infinite beauty which infuses the entire universe. You are the king of the universe, and its beauty is your crown and sceptre. I bow down in homage and adoration.

You are immortal, imperishable, the summit of all knowledge, the power behind all movement. You designed all things, and set them in motion.

The sun is your eye during the day, and the moon your eye at night. The wind is your breath, and the fertile brown earth is your heart.

By your power all things are created, and by your power they are destroyed. Birth and death are in your hands. I tremble with awe and wonder when I contemplate your power.

As the waters of a river flow to the sea, the path determined by the line of the valley, so we pass through life to death, our destiny mapped out by your will.

Lord, reveal yourself to me. Show me that love, not hatred, inspires your creation. Show me that mercy, not anger, guides my life. I do not ask to understand the mystery of your works; I want only to be assured of your goodness. 

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