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Ma Durga – Our Universal Mother – My Technical Prayer

by Ajay Kumar Singh

Jai Mata Di ……. Jai Ma Durga

Whole cosmic power (infinite intelligence) is always present everywhere from origin of universe. Our world is created due to manifestation of infinite intelligence into mass, energy and consciousness in the Garba (womb) of our universal mother (Ma Durga). So Thanks to cosmic power because we are living safest place of the universe for attaining true love. Everyone can feel true bliss when we mediate our minds on graceful appearance of Ma Durga and chant a simple word - Ma. After some times your voice (Ma) will match with cosmic sound OM and ultimately your soul feel true feeling of resonance in your heart. So don’t wait and release your divine power through calling JAI MATA DI. I think that it is a first and final journey of every human being for attaining salvation (MOKSHA), which automatically encourages us for creation of purposeful life, happiness, love and wealth.

“ The individual soul is therefore identified with universal soul”

Brahadaranyaka Upanishad

Dedicate to Indian Spiritual Scientists (Rishis) for composing timeless wisdom in form of Upanishad, Vedanta and Bhagvat Gita. Their eternal words always illuminate the spirits of Humanity for enhancing positive energy in the universe. I think that MA BHAGVAT GITA is a very easy route for understanding of true wisdom and meaning of life. So don’t wait and try to dip into ocean of wisdom, which has been designed by our Universal Visionary Sata Guru - LORD KRISHNA.

Ma Durga – Our Universal Mother – A Technical Prayer

O Universal Mother!
We are thy little children, bless us and
Dismantle the mountain of ego from our attitude.
Terminate the spiral of greed from our thoughts.
Crush the matrix of envy from our unlimited desires.
Quench the fire of anger in our complex behaviors.
Transform lust into true love for attaining happiness.
Annihilate the structure of delusion from our life.

O Universal Mother!
Create fresh ideas for innovation in our minds.
Glorify true feeling of love in our hearts.
Develop a purposeful vision in our Spirit.
Amplify every signal of happiness in our life.

O Universal Mother!
Evolve compassion and kindness in our attitude.
Extend true love and lovely wishes in our hearts.
Expand our thinking pattern toward all directions.
Globalize the spirit of humanity in our world.

O Universal Mother!
We are thy little children.
Spread thou eternal bless everywhere for everyone and
Fuse all our thoughts for construction of creative ideas.
Harmonize our every thought, words and actions.
Integrate our minds, hearts and spirits.
and unify our souls with infinite soul.
For attaining final journey of all human being - NIRVANA.

Jai Mata Di ……. Jai Ma Durga

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