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Prayer for New Year - 2003
By Imam Fawaz Damra
Islamic Center of Cleveland, Ohio

In the name of God most gracious, most merciful,

We appeal to thee, O Lord, to have us all recognize what thou hast stated repeatedly in thy holy scriptures, that we are all created from the same blessed pair, a male and a female, of different races and cultures. Seeking to know each other, certainly not to despise each other, but to be of comfort to one another.

O Allah, guide us all as Americans, through these difficult times, not to confuse evil acts of misguided individuals of any denomination as emanating from the dictates of any divinely inspired faith, most certainly not coming from Islam, the name which translates as peace.

Help us, O merciful God, to overcome our negative sense of fear and our resulting attitudes of prejudice. Help us rediscover the feeling of security, peace and inner comfort, under thy protective will.

We beseech thee, O Lord, creator of the universe, to enlighten our hearts with a sense of greater forbearance and willingness to forgive, and guide our leaders onto the right path to not return evil for evil. O Lord, strengthen our nation and protect us from evil, elevate our society and enrich the fabric of our country. Enable us to help humanity to overcome aggression, poverty and disease.

We plead to you, O Lord, as Prophet Muhammad did before us: Grant that our present day be better than our yesterday, that our tomorrow be better than today, and best of all, that our ultimately blessed day be the day we stand before thee.


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