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Be pleased to show mercy, O God!
From Bhagavad gita (Hinduism)

    Thou art the Imperishable, the supreme Object of Knowledge; 
    Thou art the ultimate resting-place of this universe; 
    Thou art the immortal guardian of the eternal right, 
    Thou art the everlasting Spirit, I hold. 
    Without beginning, middle, or end, of infinite power, 
    Of infinite arms, whose eyes are the moon and sun, 
    I see Thee, whose face is flaming fire, 
    Burning this whole universe with Thy radiance. 
    For this region between heaven and earth 
    Is pervaded by Thee alone, and all the directions; 
    Seeing this Thy wondrous, terrible form, 
    The triple world trembles, O exalted one!
    Homage be to Thee from, in front and from behind, 
    Homage be to Thee from all sides, Thou All! 
    O Thou of infinite might, Thy prowess is unmeasured; 
    Thou attainest all; therefore Thou art All!
    Thou art the father of the world of things that move and move not, 
    And Thou art its revered, most venerable Guru; 
    There is no other like Thee-how then a greater?
    Even, in the three worlds, O Thou of matchless greatness 
    Therefore, bowing and prostrating my body,
    I beg grace of Thee, the Lord to be revered: 
    As a father to his son, as a friend to his friend, 
    As a lover to his beloved, be pleased to show mercy, O God!

    Bhagavad Gita ("Song of the Lord") is one of the most important and popular of Indian religious texts. It is in Bhagavad Gita we learn about the three yogas, Karma yoga (yoga of action), jnana yoga (yoga of knowledge) and Bhakthi yoga (yoga of devotion). Bhagavad gita suggests that whatever we do, do it as an offering to the God. An enlightened mind is suggested as one that is indifferent to pleasure and pain, gain and loss. In the passage above, Arjun "sees" the God in His full glory and sings a praise of the God and wondering how mighty God is.

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