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Prayers From Yajur Veda

O Thou glorious lord, O Protector of vows, I determined to master my lower self. Bestow on me the required strength and make my effort fruitful. Through Thy grace, leaving untruth, may I realize the Truth.

I worship Thee, O sweet Lord of transcendental vision, O giver of prosperity to all! May I be free from bonds of death, like the ripe fruit falling from the tree.
May I never again forget my immortal nature.

O Lord! who blesses all creatures by revealing the Vedas, design to make us happy by Thy calm and blissful self, which roots out terror as well as sin.

Salutations to Thee! O Destroyer of the cycle of births and deaths. O Lord of universe, adorations to Thee.

O Lord ! Thou art beyond the sea of samsara ( life period). Thou existeth in its midst also. Thou enableth one to go beyond sin by means of the sacred mantras (chants). Thou taketh one beyond death through knowledge. I bow to Thee. Thou art present in sacred flowing streams as well as on the coastland. Thou art in the tender grass on the sea shore as well as in the foaming waves; I bow to Thee.

May I be able to look upon all creatures, with eye of a friend. May we look upon one another with the eye of a friend.

O Lord ! 
Thou art infinite energy. Do Thou fill me with energy. 
Thou art infinite virility. Do Thou fill me with virility. 
Thou art infinite strength. Thou art infinite power. Do Thou grant us power. 
Thou art infinite courage. Do Thou make me courageous. 
Thou art infinite fortitude. Do thou fill me with fortitude.

O Lord thou art our father. Do Thou instruct us like a father. Our prostrations unto thee. Do not forsake us. Do Thou protect us for ever.

May we meet together, talk together, let our minds apprehend alike; common be our prayer; common be our assembly's aim; common be our purposes; common be our deliberation; common be our desires; united be our hearts; united be our intention, so that there may be a through union among all of us. May our father grant this.

Let us meditate on the glory and splendor of that Supreme Being, who illumines everything. May He guide us in all our actions. May He grants us a clear understanding and a pure intellect.

From Yajur Veda

Contributed By: Mr. M B Shah (Bhavi Intl.), Bombay, India

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