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My Body That Is Sick Unto Death
By Charles S., Birmingham, AL

Dear Father in Heaven: 

I thank you that you are my Father, because of the Blood of Jesus, your only begotten Son that was shed for my sins. I thank you for that High Priest who has passed through the heavens, and has paid for my redemption with His own life -the just for the unjust. I thank you that in Him I stand complete, justified freely by your grace. I praise you that your Word declares that because of Jesus, I can come boldly unto the throne of grace, that I would obtain mercy, and find grace in time of need.

Lord, in thy presence, I humbly bow, and ask that you search my heart for any unclean thing that is hidden there. As I make confession of my sins, I ask that you turn the searchlight of your Word through your Holy Spirit on my heart, and I will be quick to confess that which is displeasing to you, and in humble reliance on your Holy Spirit to turn from my wicked ways, and to seek your face.

Lord, even as I ask you for healing of my soul from the sins I have committed and their effects, I also ask for physical healing of my body that is sick unto death. 

I acknowledge my sin before you, and freely admit that my sin was the doorway that this disease took to enter my body. In repentance therefore I call on the Name of the Lord in faith in the sustitutionary of Jesus and reach forth to touch, as it were, the hem of your garment unworthy as I am. 

But you are worthy, and it is in Your Name, Lord Jesus, as my High Priest, I make this request to Father. I ask for this good gift in order that you may be glorified in my life, and that many may see, and fear, and put their trust in you. 

I ask in faith, believing that I shall receive, according to Your will, as You see fit. 

I thank you for hearing me, forgiving me my sins, and for initiating the process of healing both on my soul and my body. 

Lord, even as You have blessed me, please use me to now go and bless others, to give them the cup of water in Jesus' Name, even as You have let me come to You and drink. 

Thank you for Your grace . . . and for the help in time of need.

In Jesus' Name, to Whom be all the glory. 


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