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A Universal Prayer
By Pope Saint Clement, 96 A .D.

(This prayer is believed to be one of the oldest non-scriptural prayer.)

May the Artisan of the Universe preserve inviolate upon the earth the number of His elect, through His well-beloved Child, Jesus Christ. 
Through Him He has called us from the darkness to the light, from ignorance to knowledge of the glory of His name.

We place our trust in Thee, Principle of all creation. 
Thou hast opened the eyes of our hearts, that they may know Thee, 
Thou who alone art Most-High, in the heavens, The Holy One who dwellest with the saints. 
Thou humblest the proud in their insolence, Thou bringest to naught the plans of nations, Thou dost exalt the lowly and put down the mighty; 
Thou enrichest and Thou dost impoverish, Thou takest and Thou givest life. Sole benefactor of the spirit, and God of all flesh; 
Thou scannest the depths, 
Thou watchest over the works of men; Refuge in danger, 
Savior of those in despair! 
Creator and Guardian of every spirit!

Thou dost multiply the peoples of the earth, 
Amongst all these, Thou hast chosen those who love Thee, through Jesus Christ, Thy well-beloved Child, Thou dost teach, sanctify, and ennoble them.

We pray Thee, Almighty One, be our refuge and our defender. 
Save the oppressed, 
take pity on the humble, 
raise those who have fallen, 
manifest Thyself to those in need, 
heal the sick, 
bring back those who have strayed from Thy people, 
give food to those who are hungry, 
give freedom to our prisoners; 
strengthen the weak, 
comfort the timid; 
and let all nations acknowledge that Thou alone art God, 
that Jesus Christ is Thy Child, 
that we are Thy people, 
the lambs of Thy fold. 

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