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How To Chant


I am having some doubts as to how I must chant. I am used to chanting a fixed number of rounds daily. But at times, I cannot do them in the morning. I have been reading articles and sections in books which are stipulating that we should chant with full attentiveness so as to avoid offenses against the Holy name and also, in order not to neglect Krishna's reciprocation. I want to know what I should preferably do because I cannot daily chant in a way that is full of attention. Must I chant nevertheless daily whatever be the way it is done (because I am a neophyte) or should I chant only when I feel I can give full attention to the Holy Name, for example when I wake up at 5?


Inattentive rounds are better than no rounds.   Inattentive rounds will gradually become attentive rounds. No rounds will take you nowhere.   You must therefore always chant no matter what is the quality of your rounds. Strive always for the best quality, but never stop chanting on the plea that your quality is not good enough.  The only chanting that is hopeless is the chanting that you did not do.

Sankarshan Das Adhikari

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