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Virgin Mary, Mother of God
By Mrs. Cicily Sunny, M.A., B.Ed., MSE

Chapter 1: Mary's Parents

Joachim and Anne were Mary's parents, and they led a very holy life. When Anne was very unhappy in her old age for not having a child, Joachim consoled her by saying. "We must continue to hope. God can do everything. While we are alive, the miracle may happen, particularly when we love Him and we love each other." 

While mentioning about the chastity of that married couple, Jesus said, "They possessed it, because it is not necessary to be virgins to be chaste. And chaste nuptial beds are guarded by angels and from them descend good children who make the virtue of their parents the rule of their lives." 

During her pregnancy Anne said, "I have always heard women say that it is painful to conceive and to bear. But I have no pain. I feel strong, young, and fresher than when I presented you with my virginity in my far away youth. Daughter of God-because this creature born of a barren stump is more of God than ours-she brings no pain to her mother. She only brings her peace and blessings: the fruits of God, her true Father." They wanted to call the child 'Samuel' if it was a boy and 'Star' if it was a girl. Joachim and Anne did not suffer any pain at the time of death.

Chapter 2: The Birth and Childhood of Mary

When Anne did not have any labor pain at Mary's birth, Joachim worried thinking that it was fatal. About her birth, Jesus said, "Because of their holiness, Anne suffered no pain in giving birth to her child." 

It was growing dark and the evening was preceded by a furious and very violent storm with torrential rain, wind, lightning, and black clouds. At the moment of Mary's birth, the storm dropped suddenly after one last thunderbolt that was so violent that it threw three men against the side wall, on which a permanent cavity was made. At the same time, a huge rainbow appeared in the sky. Also, a star that shined like a huge diamond appeared in the sky before the sun set. 

Mary had had the color, features, smile, the way of moving, glance, and the height of her father. Jesus got the height and the ivory color for his skin from Anne. About Mary, Anne says that she is arch of peace, star, pure moon, and pearl.

Mary was very wise, holy, and spiritual as a child. Mary said, "I want to be always like this flower, and like the wise king I want to sing throughout my life canticles and prayers before the Tabernacle." When her mother asked her who told her those holy things, Mary said, "I do not know who it is. I think I have always known them. Perhaps there is one who tells me and I do not see him. Perhaps one of the angels that God sends to speak to good people." 

Mary always loved to hear Bible stories from her mother. At the age of three, she expressed her desire to see the Immanuel, to dedicate herself completely to God, and to get the grace of sending the Messiah to the world. Mary was dedicated to the temple at the age of three. Anne was in her old age, and she looked heartbroken, but Mary did not cry. Anne took care of Mary in the Temple. 

Mary loved to pray always. When Anne asked if prayers were never enough for her, Mary replied, "My prayers would be enough. But I speak to God. Anne, you cannot imagine how close I feel Him. More than close, within my heart. May God forgive me my pride. But I do not feel lonely."

Mary was the most active and praying child in the Temple.

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