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Virgin Mary, Mother of God
By Mrs. Cicily Sunny, M.A., B.Ed., MSE

Chapter 10: Need of saying the Rosary

In 1916 an angel appeared to the three children, Lucy, Francis, and Jacintha a few times at Fatima. The angel asked them to kneel down along with him and to repeat some prayers he said. He revealed himself as the guardian angel of Portugal. He asked them to pray and do penance for the sinners. 

One time he appeared holding a chalice in one hand and host in the other hand. Drops of blood from the host were dripping into the chalice. He kneeled down and said a special prayer in which he mentioned about the Holy Trinity, the sacred hearts of Jesus and Mary, and about the forgiveness of sinners. Then he gave Holy Communion to the three children. 

In 1917, during the First World War, Mary appeared to those children on the 13th of every month for six months and gave several messages. In the last appearance, 30,000 people were present.

Everybody saw the globe of light in which Mary came, but only the three children saw Mary. She asked them to pray for the repentance of sinners, to say the rosary every day, to do penance, to be ready to suffer a lot, and to pray for the end of the war. 

One time they were given a vision of the hell like an ocean where the suffering souls suffered terribly with their bodies. She told them that God would give them grace to suffer. Mary told them that Jacintha and Francisco will be taken to heaven soon, and it happened. Lucy was told that she would live long to see all the predictions come true in the world and to spend her life in prayer. Lucy is a ninety five years old nun at present. 

In 1969 and 1970 Lucy wrote in her letters, "In all my visions Virgin Mary told me that people have to say the rosary every day to protect themselves from heresies and Satanic influences." 

On December 31, 1986 Mary gave the following message to Fr. Stephano Jobi, "You pray to the Holy Spirit for the fast coming of the Second Pentecost which can completely change the world. You should pray and fast all the time. You say the rosary every day with confidence and love. If you say this prayer together with me, you will be able to influence all human problems. Through this prayer, your hearts will be renewed and peace will be established in you." 

In a message Sr. Agnes of Akita got in 1973 Mary said, "Pray for all bishops and priests through the rosary."

A few years ago Virgin Mary appeared to two married catholic ladies in Kerala, India and gave messages. They are Rani John of Kanchikodu and Kuttiyamma Babi of Aruvithura. While Rani was praying in St. Mary's church at Velamkanni, the statue of Mary came down alive with bright light, gave a rosary to Rani, and asked her to say rosary every day. That rosary spread fragrance in a radius of one mile and several people started coming from far, even in crowds, to say rosary in her house. 

When people started criticizing it negatively, the fragrance gradually faded away. Now it is felt only by people who believe it. Several rosaries that came in contact with that rosary also got that fragrance. Kuttiyamma's rosary came in contact with Rani's rosary. Whoever says rosary with faith in Kuttiyamma's house feels the fragrant smell that emanates from it. She lives in a thatched hut located at the border of somebody's property. 

Mary appeared to her three times. She has written down all the messages in a notebook, which I got a chance to read. In the year 2000, I visited her house with my brother's family and my children. We kneeled down and said the rosary together. As it was up the hill and severely sweating, it was hard to pray. But I tried my best to focus without any other thoughts. When we reached the middle of the rosary, the sweet fragrance spread the whole hut. By the end of the rosary, it gradually faded. After the rosary, we discovered that everybody felt it except my daughter. My daughter said that she did not say the rosary at all because of the severe heat. 

The appearance of Mary to Rani John gained much public attention. The Holy Communion she received turned into the blood and body of Jesus three times with hundreds of people as witnesses.

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