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Virgin Mary, Mother of God
By Mrs. Cicily Sunny, M.A., B.Ed., MSE

Chapter 11: Mary's Intercession

On September 8, 1991 Mary said to Stephano Jobi in a vision, "When Turkey put an embargo on Vienna and threatened to destroy the entire Christian world, they were easily defeated through my intercession and not through any political interference because lots of people called upon my intercession. It is through my intercession that the Marxian communism has died out in many countries. Even though communism has failed in Russia, it is still in the baby stage in terms of faith. They need more heavenly intercession to come towards faith." 

On June 13, 1929 Sr. Lucy got a vision on Holy Trinity and Mary of Fatima in a convent in Spain. Mary said, "It is urgent that the Pope with all the bishops and clergy dedicate Russia to my sacred heart." 

Even if Sr. Lucy conveyed this message, the then Pope Pius XI did not seem to receive that message. Communism was spreading in Russia with all its terrible effects. On March 25, 1984, Pope John Paul II and all the bishops dedicated Russia to the sacred heart of Mary. He invited many Orthodox bishops also for this ceremony. 

In 1989, when soviet President Michael Gorbechov visited Pope, the Pope explained to him about God's interferences.

Chapter 12: Need of Repentance

In June 1961 Archangel Michael appeared to four little girls in Spain eight times and gave messages. They are Konchitha Gonzalez, Jacintha Gonzalez, Mary Cruz, and Mary Loli Morson. On the last day he told them that Virgin Mary will appear to them the next day. 

In her first message on July 1, 1961 Mary said, "Lots of charitable deeds have to be done…. Lots of penance has to be done…Visit the church often….Above all, we have to be good. If we do not do these, punishment is awaiting us. Already the chalice has been overflowing with the wrath of God. If people are not ready to repent, they will be punished." 

On January 1, 1965 Mary sent her last message to Konchitha through Archangel Michael, "Lots of cardinals, bishops, and priests are on the way to perpetual peril. They are leading several souls also to peril. These days the Holy Eucharist is not given much importance. We have to keep away the wrath of God through our good deeds….Repent because we are living in the last days of warning. As I love you a lot, I do not desire your peril. If you pray sincerely, you will get it. Do lots of charitable deeds and meditate on the sufferings of Jesus."

Chapter 13: Mary's Tears

Mary's picture shedding tears has happened in several places in the world. Recently it has happened in New Jersey and Brooklyn in the United States, which was shown in television too. 

In a convent in Japan, a wooden picture of Mary shed tears one hundred one times from January 4, 1975 to September 5, 1981(eight days lent), which was televised too. Thousands of Christian and non-Christian people watched it. In the message sent to Rome by the then bishop it is said that Mary is crying because souls are getting destroyed, people are getting away from God, and she is sad about the terrible punishments coming from God.

On June 12, 1973, when Sr. Agnes opened the altar, she saw strong beams of light coming out of it, which she interpreted as the presence of Jesus in the Holy Communion. This happened to her several days. On June 28, 1973 she found a wound on her left hand all of a sudden which was in the shape of the cross. That wound caused her severe pain. On Thursday evenings it started bleeding and ended at around 3 PM on Fridays. On Sundays the wound got dry and the hand became normal. This happened for a month. 

Along with this, another miracle happened in the chapel too. The statue of St. Mary in the chapel started bleeding from a wound on the right hand which was in the shape of a cross. It continued for a month, and hundreds of people witnessed it. Dr. Kavoru of Akita University tested the blood and proved that it belonged to O positive group. 

On July 6, when Sr. Agnes was praying with severe pain on the hand, she heard a voice speaking to her, "Do not be afraid, you have to pray for the forgiveness of not only your sins but also for sins of the whole world. The world is wounding the sacred heart of Jesus, with its thanklessness and dirty sins. The wound on Mary's hand is deeper and painful than yours." She recognized the voice as that of her guardian angel. The angel led her to the chapel. In the chapel, the statue of Mary became alive and spoke to her. 

St. Mary gave her three messages on three different days. The message was, "….Pray for the Pope, all bishops, and priests…..Several people are causing sorrow to God. In order to console Him, I am choosing children. In order to quest His anger, my son and I are searching for those who can do penance by offering their poverty and suffering. Each individual has to dedicate his or her abilities and positions for the glory of God. Prayer is needed in every group. Instead of caring more about the kind of prayer, let prayers rise up to God continuously and ardently…."

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