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Virgin Mary, Mother of God
By Mrs. Cicily Sunny, M.A., B.Ed., MSE

Chapter 14: The Doom of the Church

In 1846 Mary appeared to the two children, Melani and Maximin, in the small village of La Salete in France and gave several messages. It says:

"Priests who are the representatives of my son are getting immersed themselves in sin and are inviting the wrath of God….

God is going to punish the world in ways you have never seen….Many churches will become unclean and closed….Priests and celibate people living in monasteries will be persecuted and terribly killed. 

In 1864 Lucifer and several other devils will be freed from hell. They will take away the faith of those who are dedicated to God. Plenty of obscene books will be spread in the world….

Some destroyed souls will come back in human form, spread a gospel against Jesus and cheat people. Pope who is the vicar of my son (Jesus) will have to go through many sufferings….I will stay with his suffering until the end and receive his sacrifice. The wicked will try to destroy his life several times….The Pope or his predecessors will not live long to see the success of God's church." 

In a letter written by Sr. Lucy on September 16, 1970 she stated: 

"The Satan has become successful in presenting the evil in the form of good. It is painful to see this problem in people who are holding responsible positions. I dedicate myself to God to pray for these perverted people, especially for clergy and those who are supposed to dedicate their lives for God." 

After Mary appeared to Konchitha of Spain in June 1961 she wrote in her diary:

"We will be condemned only if the world is not ready to repent according to the messages of Virgin Mary. If the humanity turns to good, the wrath of God will be kept away. After Pope John 23rd, there will be only three more Popes. One of them will rule only for a short time. After them, these times will end." 

Mary reminded Konchitha of this message during the rule of Pope Paul VI also. It is said in the book that we should not take all the messages in the exact literal sense. The full meaning of the message will be understood only after the predictions come true. 

The end of the times may not mean the end of the world. It may mean the end of a particular period. These days Virgin Mary is speaking to us for heaven. 

So Pope John Paul II calls this century 'Marian Times'. On October 13, 1884 Pope Leo XIII got a fierce vision. He heard Satan boasting to God that if God gives him the necessary power and time, he will destroy the church completely and push the whole world to eternal peril. After that fierce vision, the Pope made a special prayer to save the world through the intercession of the arch angel, Michael. 

On September 13, 1992 Virgin Mary appeared to Joseph Terrilya of Ukraine, old Soviet Union, and said:

"My child, the end times are nearing….You are on the threshold of condemnation. God is calling everybody to his door as we have never seen before. 

I am requesting everybody to pray for the Pope so that he gets the necessary wisdom and strength to lead the church to victory and glory during this time of dilemma….How many bishops and priests are there who glorify God only through lips and not through heart….

The governments of some countries will try to protect homosexuality and other dirty acts of Satan….Those who speak the truth will be considered guilty…."

According to the revelation to St. Hilde Gardy of 12th century, a Muslim will convert into Christian and will become a priest, a bishop, and later a cardinal. While election for the Pope, just before the anti-Christ, takes place, out of jealousy and desire for power he will kill the elected Pope before his rule starts. When the next Pope is elected, he will declare himself as opponent Pope. Two third of Christians will go after him. 

The prediction of Anna Maria of 19th century says, "The church will be persecuted and priests will be massacred. Churches will be forced to close for a short time. The Pope will be forced to leave Rome." 

In the 13th century John of Vithigero said, "The Pope will leave his residence and for more than twenty five months there will not be anybody to protect the church. After severe persecution, a new Pope will be elected from among those who withstand the persecutions."

About her vision Maria Stenor said, "I saw God fiercely punishing and cleansing the world in such a way that only a few men and women are left. The church will be persecuted, and there will not be a shepherd in Rome. But God showed to me how beautiful this world is going to be after this fierce condemnation."

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