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Virgin Mary, Mother of God
By Mrs. Cicily Sunny, M.A., B.Ed., MSE

Chapter 15: Four Signs of the upcoming Persecution of the Church

Through Fr. Stephano Joby, St. Mary has shown us four signs about the oncoming persecution the church is going to face soon. 

1) The mysteries of God transcends above human reason. These mysteries will be much questioned in the world to the extent that people lose their faith and that anything that is beyond human understanding will be rejected by all. With strong faith and humility people have to accept the truth revealed to the whole world through official studies of the church. 

2) The second sign is lack of discipline in the church, especially among people who are supposed to dedicate their lives to God. They become one with the spirit of the world. They lose the light and the strength to resist the temptations of the world. They engage in worldly pleasures. Finally they receive the mentality of the world, justify and propagate its spirit, and become its servants. Often they protest against holy celibacy. This celibacy is something Jesus desired, the church decided, and the Pope emphasized recently. 

3) The third sign is the split and fights in the church. This happens even among priests and bishops. More than ever, Satan has succeeded in breaking their love. Those who always support the truth also betray it now. The gospel of Jesus should not be split. 

4) Those who inspire the world to live without God persecute the church more. The church is being persecuted from within itself. This is done by its own children who have conformed to the ways of Satan. Satan has succeeded in tempting many shepherds of the church.

Chapter 16: True Faith and Unity

On October 7, 1980 Virgin Mary appeared to Fr. Stephano Joby and said:

"The true ecumenism of Christians is possible only through the perfection of the acceptance of truth. The truth is protected only in the Catholic church. The church has to keep that truth, protect from all dangers, and proclaim it to everybody without fear….

I am the way for your unity. When the entire Christian community receives me as mother, I will be able to reunite my children in the warmth of one family as a mother."

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