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Virgin Mary, Mother of God
By Mrs. Cicily Sunny, M.A., B.Ed., MSE

Chapter 17: The Anti-Christ

In 1179 A.D. St. Hilde Guard wrote about his revelations. 

In the end times, the son of peril and evil will appear and rule for a short time….His mother will be an evil lady possessed by the devil. She will live as a prostitute in one area and claim that her son is divine born like Jesus. People will respect her as a saint. He will emerge from a country that lies between two oceans. He will be raised alone in secret places until he grows big….

He will free people from following God's commandments and the laws of the church. He will offer forgiveness for everybody who believes in his divinity. He will be against baptism and the Holy Bible. He will teach that Jesus is only a prophet. He will claim himself as the Messiah of the world, and the Jewish will accept him. He will give permission to all to live and act according to their free will and impulses. Nobody has to make life difficult through prayer and fasting. He will encourage love without control which will break family lives. 

Before the coming of the anti-Christ, there will be widespread famine, drought, and earthquakes. As part of the message given to the two children Melani and Maximin in the small village of LaSalete in France, Mary said:

"The forerunner of anti-Christ will come with his army formed from different countries and fight against Jesus, the world's savior….

The anti-Christ will be born from a Hebrew virgin from Syria. He will be a devil in human form. When he is twelve years old, lots of people will be attracted towards him for his wisdom."

St. Bridgita of Sweden shares her revelations. The anti-Christ will be born from the meanest stage of a woman while Jesus Christ was born from the noblest stage of a woman. He will perform miracles from the time of birth. He will rule for three years, and he will have power over the entire earth.

According to the revelations of Eline George, a Muslim man who covers his head as a sign of faith will set start for a Third World War. He will be an anti-Christ sent to earth by Lucifer. When he finishes his mission, a stronger man will emerge from Syria. He will be the cause of destruction, pain and suffering, tears, and persecution of Christians. The earth will shiver with earthquakes. He will be the ruler assigned by Satan. 

After fifteen years of fights, there will be great peace on earth for long time which the world has never seen. The fierce world will surrender before St. Mary. The criminals and terrorists will get destroyed. The remaining people will join together in a free world of peace and unity. 

According to the visions of Jean Lay Royer in 1978, the rule of the anti-Christ will be for three and a half years. False prophets, worshippers of Satan and members of secret Satanic groups will object to the true teachings of the church and persecute Christians. This will happen more during the rule of the anti-Christ. 

Before the second coming of Jesus Christ, a mean priest will hurt the church many ways. The anti-Christ will kill the Pope, probably by nailing him to a cross. The anti-Christ will seem wiser than anybody when he is ten years old. His real works will begin when he is thirty.

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