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Virgin Mary, Mother of God
By Mrs. Cicily Sunny, M.A., B.Ed., MSE

Chapter 19: Warning about the Disaster

According to the message Virgin Mary gave to Brother David Lopez, there will be a big sign in the sky. A long red cross will appear in the clear sky. The red color represents the blood of Jesus and the blood of the martyrs of the dark days. Everybody in the earth can see this cross. No disaster will happen to those who live in God's grace and call for the help of St. Mary. God's chosen people should pray during those days without sleeping.

Virgin Mary said in her message at Sarabenthal and Medugorje that before the condemnation comes on the world a warning will be given to everybody on earth. It will be three hours of darkness which represents the darkness that covered the earth when Jesus was crucified. It was revealed to Christina Gallegar: 

"Before I come as a righteous judge, I will come as a merciful king. Before the day for justice comes, people will get a sign from heaven. All the lights from the sky will get turned off. The whole earth will be covered with darkness. A sign of cross will appear on the sky. The places where the Savior's legs and hands were nailed will shine with big light. That will light the earth for a while. This will happen short before the last day."

In 1992 God revealed to an American lady the details of the warning in a vision. She wrote that message in her book "The Thunder and Justice":

"Those who live in my grace do not have to be afraid of anything when the warning comes. At that time people will get the discernment which they get during the time of death. That will be my great act of mercy….

I will renew everything, but he has to ask me; I will bring everybody back to my sacred heart, but they have to come back themselves….

That time everybody will become aware of the horrible sufferings my father went through. For the first time in the history of humanity, people will regain the ability to give proper respect due God".

Chapter 20: The Pouring of the Holy Spirit

The vision continued, "The year after the warning will be as great as the first Pentecost. God alone can create the world. He alone can save it too….There is nobody who desires peace as my father."

"God, the Father, spoke from heaven, 'My people forgot me. I am going to keep the sun in darkness for three hours. People will come out of their homes in panic. Nobody can even console some of them. The telephone lines will get overloaded. Even priests will suffocate with sorrow.' "

"Tell people to say rosary. It is of that much importance….They have to give up their sins and do penance. People who live as married couples without marrying will separate. It will put an end to too much of everything."

"Those who are tied up with my lust also will be filled with my grace….It will happen at two O' clock in the afternoon. You know the date. The atmosphere will be filled with darkness. The earth will quake…."

"People will think that the world is going to end. The fear each one experiences will be in proportion to their sins. I will give them the time they need. With patience I will stand in front of them hung on a cross. The pouring of the Holy Spirit will start the minute they see me. He can wash himself from the sins or invite his peril through the sins. "

"As I submitted to the will of God, each one of you has to submit too….You will see the cross in the sky at a very unexpected time. When I fulfill what I had promised, all of you will say, 'Truly he is the son of God.'"

When terrible things happened after the crucifixion of Jesus, people said in fear, "He really was the son of God"( St. Matthew 27:54).

In June 1995 St. Mary gave the message to Fr. Stephano Jobi about the pouring of the Holy Spirit, the second Pentecost. She said:

"Again the tongue of fire will come down on the church and the entire humanity miraculously. The tongue of fire will give life and warmth to the entire humanity that became numb with selfishness, hatred, wars, and fights. God's spirit will change this world into a new and wonderful Paradise, where the Holy Trinity will make its permanent abode….

The holy fire of the Holy Spirit will heal the church from all its diseases. It will sanctify her from the stains of sin and lack of faith….Thus she will become capable of giving catholic and perfect witness to Jesus….

The Holy Spirit will give considerable renewal in the hearts and lives of all. The sinners will repent; the fragile will gain strength; those who have separated from the father's house will come back there; People who stand separated and divided will come together. The experience of the Second Pentecost will come this way. This happens when my sacred heart wins in this world."

Sr. Natalia who was born in Hungary in 1901 used to get vision of Jesus since she had been a child. She lived in that communist country with sufferings and tears. 

She said:

"Jesus revealed to me in a vision that after the big cleansing the entire humanity will lead a holy life which is similar to that of angels. 

Prostitution and stealing will end….The ability to build big mansions and wear expensive clothes will come to an end….There will be only one shepherd and herd of sheep. 

St. Mary, who is the mother of the faithful, will appear in different ways and lead the lives of the souls. She is the Queen of the coming era. 

That will be an era of gaining back what the humanity lost in the Paradise. When my immaculate mother stamps on the serpent's head, the gates of the hell will be closed." 

God has revealed the beauty of the new era to a mystic named Theresa Lopez of Colorado:

"Even after the big suffering, an hour of grace will be left….People will get one more chance to repent. The New Jerusalem will be established on the earth. No more evil people will be left. People will be living in a perpetual paradise which God had planned from the very beginning."

Chapter 21: Concluding Remarks

Different Christian denominations hold different views about St. Mary, and each believes that theirs is the true faith. But somebody has to be right, and some others have to be wrong. 

God does not expect us to judge about His mysteries using the limited capacity of our brain. That is why He has entrusted the Holy Spirit with the task of enlightening our brains so that we get the right knowledge about God's mysteries. 

The Holy Spirit enlightens us in different ways like prophesies, visions, dreams, discernments etc. 

In this research article about Virgin Mary, I have not added a word of my own. I would like the readers to be exposed to different or opposite views about Virgin Mary as myself. I have been exposed to various teachings and faith, but the Holy Spirit is guiding me through the right channel.

Throughout my readings during the past two years and in writing this article the Holy Spirit guided and enlightened me. I would like all my readers to invoke the Holy Spirit after reading my article and ask who Virgin Mary is. I am sure that God's answer is not far away. 

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