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Virgin Mary, Mother of God
By Mrs. Cicily Sunny, M.A., B.Ed., MSE

Chapter 3: Mary and Joseph

When Mary turned fifteen, she was supposed to get married according the Jewish tradition. Mary's parents had already died, and some of the property was sold to pay debts. It became the responsibility of the temple authorities to find a suitable boy for Mary. Since the day they started talking about her marriage, Mary had been crying because she wanted to stay as virgin for ever. 

The vision shows a gathering of men from the family of David from whom Mary's husband was to be chosen. Finally Joseph's name was announced with trumpet. Joseph made a gesture which meant that it was impossible because he was around thirty years old. 

Zacharias, Mary's relative, brought Mary to Joseph and informed him of Mary's vow of chastity. Joseph said, "I will put my strength and my manly authority at her service and no sacrifice on her behalf will be heavy for me. Be sure of that." In their personal conversation after that, Joseph said to Mary, "I am a Nazirite….Your Joseph wants you to be happy in all your desires. I do not love you with my body. I love you with my soul, holy girl given to me by god! Please see in me a father and a brother, in addition to a husband. And open your heart to me as to a father and rely on me as on a brother….I will join my sacrifice to yours and we shall love the eternal Father so much with our chastity that He will send His Savior to the world earlier, and will allow us to see His Light shining in the world(V.1, Ch.12, P.65). A Nazirite was somebody who took the vow of celibacy, and when Mary heard that Joseph was a Nazirite, her face became bright and she took courage.

Mary learned from Joseph that he was a friend of her father and that his brother's son, Alphaeus, was a great friend of Mary's mother. Joseph remembered the time of Mary's birth, and he made the cradle for Mary. Joseph mourned over the death of Mary's father with sincere heart because he was a good teacher to him. 

Joseph took the responsibility of protecting Mary and Jesus. He taught Jesus carpentry. He raised Jesus as his own son, and Jesus loved him back in the same measure. Mary and Jesus grieved over his death for long time. Without him it would have been difficult for Mary to go to Bethlehem, to find a place for delivering Jesus, to get financial support to raise Jesus, to flea to Egypt, and to protect Jesus from enemies. He is pictured as the best husband anybody can ever have. Their love is pictured as the perfect love without any lust.

Chapter 4: Mary as Immaculate

Jesus explains to Maria Valtorta about Mary's soul:

"Now think what must have been the beauty of this soul which the Father looked fondly on before time existed, which formed the delight of the Trinity, which Trinity longed to adorn it with its gifts, to present it to Itself. Oh! Most Holy Mary that God created for Himself and then for the salvation of men! Bearer of the Savior, You were the first salvation, Living Paradise, with Your smile. You began to sanctify the world. The soul created to be soul of the Mother of God! When this vital spark derived from the more lively throb of the Threefold Love of the Trinity, the angels rejoiced because Paradise had never seen a brighter light. Like a petal of a heavenly rose, a mystical and precious petal, that was a gem and a flame, the breath of God descended to give life to a body quite differently than for others. It descended so powerful in its ardor that Guilt could not contaminate it, it came through the heavens and enclosed itself in a holy womb. ………."

Mary, the Immaculate, was never deprived of the remembrance of god, of His closeness, His love, His light, His wisdom. She was therefore able to understand and love when she was but flesh forming around an immaculate soul that continued to love (Volume 1, Chapter 4, page 19).

God created His spouse in spirit and said to her:

"Come with me. At My side see what I am doing for our son. Look and rejoice, eternal virgin eternal Maiden and may your smile fill this Empyrean harmony. I am looking at you. And I see you as you will be, Immaculate woman, who are now only a spirit: the spirit in which I rejoice." (Volume 1, Chapter 5, page 29). 

Jesus says:

"And my mother will be blessed not so much because of her immaculate soul as for listening to the word of god and practicing it through obedience" (Volume 3, Chapter 287, page 79). 

Before her death when Mary told John that her body is subject to death like the flesh of every man, John replied, "You cannot, you must not die! Your immaculate body cannot die like that of a sinner" (volume 5, Chapter 645, page 929). 

In a sermon Jesus says that the only people who are born without original sin are Himself, His mother, and John the Baptist, His precursor. He says, "And if I have come to bring back Grace to men, through the perfect Sacrifice, the sentence on Adam's action remains what it is, and it will always be called 'Original sin'. Men will be redeemed. They will be washed with a purification exceeding every other one, but they will be born with that stain, because God has decided that that stain is to be in every man born of woman, with the exception of Him, who was made not by deed of man, but by the Holy Spirit, and with the exception of the Preserved Woman and the Pre-sanctified Man, virgins for ever. The former, that she might be the Virgin Mother of God, the latter that he might be the precursor of the innocent, being born already pure, through a pre-fruition of the infinite merits of the Savior Redeemer" (V.3, Ch.412, P.817). As we all know, John the Baptist is the precursor.

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