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Virgin Mary, Mother of God
By Mrs. Cicily Sunny, M.A., B.Ed., MSE

Chapter 8: Mary's Evangelization

According to the Bible, we can claim that Mary's evangelization started at the time of her annunciation, continued at the wedding of Cana and after the ascension. 

In Maria Valtorta's visions Mary did evangelization throughout the public life of Jesus. Whenever Jesus needed help for sinners, prostitutes, orphans, widows, the poor, and the sick, He sent them to His mother for care and teaching. They were sent away only after they had learned all the necessary morals in their life and were able to support themselves. 

It is not known to all that Mary's evangelization is still continuing and will be continued until the second coming of Jesus. Mary has been giving messages to hundreds of people during the past centuries through visions and apparitions. Many writers have recorded this in their books. The book "The Signs of the Time" has recorded several of her messages taken from fourteen different books. The following are some of those messages:

Chapter 9: The Power of Satan and upcoming Terrible Events

In the vision Joseph Terriliya of Ukraine got on September 18, 1992, Mary said, "The Satan is getting the world ready for a terrible warfare, which the world has never seen. His power is secretly working behind everything. It is his power that enables countries to accumulate deadly weapons." 

In the vision Fr. Stephano Joby got on January 1, 1981, Mary said, "Peace can come to the world only through my intercession. There is the possibility of a Third World War which will annihilate two third of the humanity if people do not want to turn to God." 

Mary appeared to twelve children in Italy and gave several messages. On January 1, 1986 Mary said to Mefalda, "God has sent me to the earth to save everybody because the world is standing on the verge of big danger. I cannot save the world without peace, which can be obtained only by turning to God. I want you children to pray for peace. I am going to enter into a big warfare with Satan, which will end in the success of my sacred heart and the establishment of the kingdom of God on earth." 

Since 1980 Eline George of Massachusettes had been getting visions from God. She was told, "Terrible events will happen in this earth. Major changes are happening in the atmosphere and terrible earthquakes and droughts will take place. You inform the world to change their life style and pray more." 

Mary gave the same message to Patricia Talbothy of Ecuador on January 6, 1990. She said, "Children, my sacred heart is suffering so much pain because earthquakes and terrible incidents created by humans are going to happen. The Third World War is nearing. Children, only a very short time is left. Your repentance has to be very sincere. My time to return is coming soon." 

In a message given to Sr. Agnes of Akita Mary said, "…Two third of the humanity will be destroyed with fire sent down from the sky….The church will be filled with people who are ready to conform to the ways of the world….The Satan will try to withhold priests and celibate people from their dedicated lives."

The biggest center of Marian vision these days is Medugorje of Yugoslavia. Those visions started from the year 1981 and continued for years. 

In 1982 in one of the visions Mirjana got, Satan appeared to her in the form of Mary and said, "You give up Mary. You will get happiness and friendship only through that. If you go after Mary, It will lead to your suffering." 

When Mirjana refused to obey, Mary appeared to her, and immediately Satan fled. Mary said to her:

"You should be aware of the existence of Satan. Once Satan approached God's throne and asked permission to lead the church through a period of temptation. God granted him permission to tempt the church for one whole century.

This century is under the power of Satan. But his power will be shattered once the mysteries you are informed of take place. So he is filled with anger. 

Through him married lives break; Splits are created among priests. He is behind all murders and persecutions. 

You have to protect yourselves from all these through fasting and prayers, especially group prayers. Keep blessed things in your hand. Continue the use of holy water."

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