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Virgin Mary, Mother of God
By Mrs. Cicily Sunny, M.A., B.Ed., MSE

Chapter 5: Mary as Co-Redeemer

While advising Judas to respect his own mother, Jesus says, "I would like you to see in your mothers Mine, with Her tremendous destiny of Co-Redeemer… "(V.3, Ch.404, P.763). On another occasion, Judas spent a day with Mary, and Mary did all her efforts to bring Judas to repentance which was in vain. After Judas left, Mary was crying and the author describes it as, "The tears of the Mother of God….of the Faultless Mother, who was not exempt from sorrow and suffered more than any other woman, in order to be the Co-Redeemer…"(V.4, Ch.440, P.159). 

After the crucifixion of Jesus, when everybody went to see the tomb, they forced Mary to stay in the prayer room because Mary was too devastated and tired. 

Jesus appeared first to His own mother and said:

"It is all over, Mother. You no longer have to weep over your son. The trial is over. Redemption has taken place. Mother, thanks for conceiving me, for bringing me up, and for helping in life and in death…. 

The whole of heaven sings its hosanna to you, Mother, Holy Mother! A hosanna that does not die, that is not a false one like the one given to me a few days ago. …

But also that sorrow of yours was required for my redemption. Much is continuously to be added to redemption, because much will be continuously created in the way of sin. I will call all my servants to this redeeming participation. You are the one who by yourself will do more than all the others together. But also this long abandonment was required….

I am no longer separated from the Father. You will no longer be separated from your son. And, by having your son, you have our Trinity. A living Heaven, you will bring the Trinity to men on the Earth, and you will sanctify the Church, you, Queen of the Priesthood and Mother of the Christians" (V.5, Ch.614, P.703). 

In the intimate conversation Mary had with John before her death she says:

"The Light was extinguished for the whole world in that hour, for the whole world that had not wanted to receive it. And also for me. Not as a just punishment, but because, as I had to be the Co-Redeemer, I also had to suffer the anguish of the abandonment of divine comforts, the darkness, the desolation, the temptation of Satan of not making me believe any longer that what He had said was possible, everything that He also suffered, in His spirit, from Thursday to Friday. But later I understood. When the Light, that had risen for ever, appeared to me, I understood. Everything." (V.5, Ch.645, P. 926).

Chapter 6: Mary and Jesus

In Israel several virgins prepared for the coming of the Messiah and prayed for the Messiah to be born through them. Mary was one of those virgins, but she did not expect that she would be the chosen one. It was her dream and prayer to see the Messiah and to be His servant. It is her faith that gave her the courage and strength to be in front of the angel at the time of the annunciation. 

The book does not say about any kind of labor pain Mary experienced while delivering Jesus. It seems like Joseph was not aware of Jesus' birth until he saw the infant in Mary's hands even though they were together in a little place at that night. 

Overall, Mary is pictured as the best mother for a son, and Jesus is pictured as the best son for a mother. Mary and Jesus looked very beautiful, and when Jesus grew up, they looked like brother and sister as Mary always looked very young. Until He started His public life, Jesus and Mary never parted from each other. 

Since He started the public life, Mary's worries had no bounds. Mary loved Him as son and respected Him as God. Mary always sent letters, clean clothes and good food to Jesus through people who went His way. Jesus always opened that lovely packet with much enthusiasm. She spent her spare time in weaving clothes on a handloom like her mother did. 

Once Jesus explained to Mary about the time when Mary's spirit was created in heaven and how much God the Father rejoiced in that spirit. Jesus also expressed that the only happiness for Him to come down to earth was to be born through immaculate Mary. Mary was embarrassed to hear all that. 

In the last days of His public life, Mary always cried while embracing each other at the time of parting, and Jesus took all the efforts to console her. Even in the last days Jesus found comfort in sleeping on her mother's lap like a baby. There is no other mother who has suffered mental agony from the birth of a son to his death as Mary. From the scriptures, Mary knew exactly what she had to go through, and she prepared herself for that before His birth. Both the mother and the son shared lots of tears in their life without anybody knowing about it. 

Joseph's family members did not accept Mary and Jesus well; they criticized Jesus as a lunatic person. The only time Mary was found without self control was between the crucifixion and the resurrection. She cried aloud each time she saw on the path the stains of the blood and flesh of Jesus. The grief of Mary at the time of crucifixion and afterwards is beyond words. She suffered more mental agony than the physical torture Jesus suffered. She calmed down only when she saw and embraced Jesus after resurrection and realized that He has attained the glory expected by the Father.

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