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Holy Communion Prayers

The prayer before receiving Holy Eucharist:

"Make me worthy, O Lord, to receive Thee with holiness,
that by the food of Thy holy Body, my lust may be lulled, and
by the drink of Thy living chalice my passions may be quenched; and
by Thee, I may become worthy of the absolution of debts, and the remission of sins,
my Lord and my God, for ever,

What the priest says when he administers the eucharist (when he serves the Body and Blood together to each person)

"This atoning live-coal (fire-ball) of the Body and Blood of Christ, our God, is given to this faithful
believer for the remission of debts, and for the forgiveness of sins, in both worlds forever,

The prayer after receiving the Holy Eucharist:

"O Lord, Thy exalted and holy mouth has promised and said
`Whose eats my Body and drinks my Blood and believes in me, shall abide in me, and I in him,
and I will raise him up on the last day',
O Lord, I have eaten Thy holy Body and drunk Thy propitiating Blood.
May they not become to me for judgement or vengeance or indictment;
but for the remission of debts, and the forgiveness of sins, and for the blessed resurrection from the place of the dead,
and for a joyful face before Thy awe-inspiring throne,
my Lord and my God, for ever,

Prayers from Syrian Orthodox Church

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