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Powerful Prayers

There are many powerful and famous prayers quoted in history. As stated elsewhere, it is not necessary to repeat any specific prayer or 'manthra' to benefit from prayer. However, many people find great comfort in meditating over some prayers. So, here is a compilation of special prayers - prayers selected by the editors, as well as prayers recommended by other users.

You may have a favorite prayer that you enjoy and feel that others may benefit from it. If so, please share it with us. Please email your prayer to us. (Please put in the subject line 'Prayer recommendation for holisticonline.com') We will include selected prayers in this site. (Sorry, we reserve the right to choose the prayers to be included.)

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The following is our collection of favorite prayers. When praying, remember that prayer is not the idle repetition of words or empty formula. Study the prayer, think about it, visualize it and repeat it.


If you prefer, you can access the prayers sorted by religion/faith. To read prayers classified by religion please click here. Prayers Sorted By Religion

 Page 1
Prayers 1 - 50

  1. The Twenty Third Psalm

  2. Lord's Prayer

  3. Prayer Of Heart Or Prayer Of Jesus

  4. Fatiha, The Islamic Lord's Prayer

  5. Prayer Attributed To A Civil War Soldier

  6. Prayer Of Mary Stewart

  7. Prayer Attributed To John Whittier

  8. Cadet’s Prayer

  9. Prayer For Artists Attributed To: Rev. Karl Ryland

  10. Prayer Of Affirmations – A Navajo Indian Prayer

  11. Prayer At Time Of Adversity: An Inuit Indian Prayer

  12. General Prayer attributed To Thomas A Kempis

  13. O God, Help Us – A Prayer Attributed to Wallace Fridy

  14. Oh God, I ask not for easier tasks - Prayer Attributed to Harry Bullis

  15. O Holy Spirit of God, abide with us - Prayer by John Baillie

  16. Prayer by Thomas Aquinas

  17. Islam: Verse of the Throne

  18. Prayer by Howard Grose

  19. O God We Thank Thee by Walter Rauschenbusch

  20. Dear heavenly Father by William De Witt Hyde

  21. Almighty God, the Giver of Wisdom by Samuel Johnson

  22. Confessional Prayer From The Sixteenth Century

  23. God, Please Forgive Me By C. Welton Gaddy

  24. Thank You, Thank You, Generous God! By C. Welton Gaddy

  25. Thanksgiving Prayer – American Indian

  26. She Who Heals – An American Indian Healing Prayer

  27. A Prayer For Healing attr. Timothy Dailey

  28. A Zoroastrian Prayer At Dawn

  29. Buddhist Morning Prayer from the Sukhavativyuha Sutra

  30. Morning Prayer – Hindu

  31. Hindu Mantra

  32. Buddhist Mantra

  33. Islamic Bedtime Prayer

  34. Bedtime Prayer in Judaism

  35. Christian Bedtime Prayer - Orthodox Church

  36. Prayer for Steven by Rev. JimbazzaH

  37. Prayer for Friends

  38. Prayer for Others

  39. Prayer of Healing 

  40. A Prayer for Business/Occupation

  41. Prayer for Help

  42. A Physician's Prayer

  43. Make Me an Instrument of Your Peace By Saint Francis of Assisi

  44. A Bedside Prayer

  45. The Serenity Prayer

  46. Anima Christi

  47. Tagore: Where the mind is without fear

  48. Thanksgiving For A Favor Received

  49. Prayer Of Spouses For Each Other

  50. Blessing On Anniversaries

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