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Unclassified/Miscellaneous/General Prayers

Prayers suitable for many faiths

  1. Prayer Attributed To A Civil War Soldier

  2. Prayer Of Mary Stewart

  3. Prayer Attributed To John Whittier

  4. Cadet’s Prayer

  5. Prayer for Steven by Rev. JimbazzaH

  6. Tagore: Where the mind is without fear

  7. Tagore: This is my prayer to thee

  8. Ghana Ashanti - Prayer for Blessing and Thanksgiving

  9. Sanskrit Salutation To The Dawn

  10. Prayer for Peace

  11. Thanksgiving Prayer - Samburu (Kenya)

  12. Prayer for Protection

  13. Prayer for the USA at the Time of Tragedy

  14. David Cohen: God Bless America - prayer to cope with terrorist attack

  15. Prayer - Operation See The Light: For those who perpetrated the terrorism on the USA

  16. O! Thou that are manifest - General Prayer

  17. Let You Be My Energy - A Prayer by Mandi Smith

  18. My Prayer

  19. Prayer of Thanks by Lori Papa

  20. Lord I Offer My Life To You

  21. A Time for Prayer

  22. That I may be the presence that saves by Leron Kattan

  23. Prayer for Peace by Mother Teresa

  24. Prayer At Time of Worry By Alec J. Langford

  25. I offer up unto Thee my prayers and intercessions By Thomas A Kempis

  26. Lord, Teach Me The Art Of Patience By Thomas Fuller

  27. Prayer For Unity by Movement For Reforming Society

  28. Stay with me, God. A Soldier's Prayer

  29. A Prayer For World Peace By Dr. Ernest Holmes

  30. Child Of Light Prayer by May Rowland

  31. Meditation On The Word Guidance

  32. Prayer for life and for mental clarity By Greta Morrison

  33. Mother of Goodness By Greta Morrison

  34. Prayer For Unification of Self By Greta Morrison

  35. Prayer for Those Affected by Physical, Sexual, Political or Emotional Violence

  36. A Table Blessing (Meal Time Prayer) From Brazil

  37. Grace For Groups By  Rev. Marcy Sheremetta (Niagara)

  38. Prayer for New Year - 2003 By The Rev. Kenneth W. Chalker,
     First United Methodist Church

  39. Prayer for New Year - 2003 By Mother Ana, Serbian Orthodox Church

  40. Prayer for New Year - 2003 By The Rev. Larry Macon Sr. Mount Zion Church

  41. Prayer for New Year - 2003 By Ven. Shih Ying-Fa, Zen Center

  42. Prayer for New Year - 2003 by The Rev. Mark DeNardo, St. Patrick Church

  43. Prayer for New Year - 2003 by Rabbi Stephen Weiss, Jewish Prayer

  44. New Year’s Prayer by Reverend Marcy

  45. A Prayer For The World By Rabbi Harold S. Kushner

  46. Prayer For Peace and Harmony by Movement For Reforming Society

  47. Mealtime Prayers

  48. God Our Protector (Based on Psalm 91)

  49. My Prayer For Peace By Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, President of India

  50. My Prayer

  51. Breathe on Me, Breath of God

  52. Prayer for Patience while waiting for the diagnosis

  53. Prayer when loved ones die: There are no dead people

  54. Prayer at the Death of Loved One

  55. Thanksgiving Prayer

  56. Prayer of Thanksgiving

  57. Thanksgiving Prayer -Tibet

  58. Make my soul to mirror Thee

  59. Have mercy upon us

  60. Dnyanadev's Benediction

  61. Prayer For Peace And Unity: Acceptance

  62. Prayer For Diverse Blessings

  63. Deep Peace: Gaelic blessing

  64. A City of God

  65. Prayer for the Helpless

  66. World Peace Prayer

  67. Prayer for Peace with Iraq

  68. Prayer for Troops

  69. 3rd Step Prayer

  70. Prayer for Friends

  71. Prayer for the New Year

  72. Prayer for the New Year

  73. A Simple Prayer

  74. Show Me the Truth

  75. Thank You Lord

  76. The Quietness Of Prayer

  77. Intercession for a Friend

  78. Thank You for This Amazing Day

  79. Prayer to Do God's Will

  80. Seicho-no-Ie - Sin and Repentance

  81. My Personal Prayer (Universal)

  82. Thanksgiving in Hard Times

  83. Lord Guide Us to You

  84. Prayer of Thanksgiving

  85. Prayers before a meal

  86. Prayer for the World

  87. A Tsunami Blessing

  88. Morning Prayer of the Opthina Elders

  89. Thanksgiving Prayer

  90. Deepavali Prayer - a True Message of Self-Enlightenment and Enlightening to all

  91. Prayer for Our Enemies

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