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I Praise Thee, O God, For All Thy Blessings

I praise Thee, O God, for all Thy blessings, which Thou hast given me. 
Although unworthy, I pray Thee that Thou mayest be pleased to give me that devotion and love for Thee. Grant me all things that are helpful to my life, and pleasing to Thy divinity. Conduct me according to Thy good will always.

O Jesus Christ, our Lord, I confess that I am a grievous sinner, who hast sinned before Thee, more than all men. I implore Thee for the remission of my sins. O God, since Thou art merciful, pardon me everything that I have done wickedly against Thee.

I have been detested by all men, from my birth until now. Forgive all those who have done wrongs to me. O Lord. Thou showest kindness and art an ocean of mercy. Reckon Thou my sins as a mere drop of mud in the sea of Thy mercy; for a drop of mud cannot make a vast ocean muddy.

O God, have mercy upon me, according to Thy loving kindness and blot out all my sins according to the abundance of Thy Grace. Cleanse me from my defilements and purge me from my sins; for I acknowledge my transgressions and my sins are ever before me.

O Jesus Christ, our Lord, deliver me from the torments of hell; from the unquenchable fire, and the undying worms, prepared for me, and for those that are wicked and sinful like me. Though undeserving, make me worthy of that supreme joy in the other world prepared for Thy loving friends, which neither the eyes have seen, nor the ears heard, nor the heart has conceived.

Since Thy mercy can forgive iniquities by thousands and thousands, and by ten thousands and ten thousands; and Thou hast in no time; justified publicans and the harlots, forgive my sins by Thy grace.

O Lord, I beseech Thee by the love of Thy Father, and by the good will of Thy Holy spirit, pardon my great sins, and my grievous faults, by the prayers of Thy angels, and of all Thy Saints.

O Lord Jesus Christ, O Creator, since Thou dost bless and art greatly merciful, and Thou protectest and savest us, praise and worship are due to Thee and to Thy Father, who sent Thee for our salvation and to Thy Holy Spirit, now and always, for ever and ever.


From Orthodox Prayer Book

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