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Prayer for New Year - 2003
By The Rev. Paula Maeder Connor
Trinity Lutheran Church, Lakewood, Ohio

O, author of all good news!

We need some now. The world seems so sad, angry and hateful.

Once, at least it seemed, this world of yours was not so close. Now, it's coming to us through a mail slot, a paper on our porches, in unsolicited e-mails, and through these tiny to huge boxes that beam into our living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and even in our minivans.

We have it all -all the news, all the time, of every place. And look at us. We are sadder, more fearful, depressed and over- weight than ever. We are a mess!

There are wars and rumors of war. We are caught up in a cycle of violence that kills us emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Have mercy on us! Send your prophets again to speak words of warfare being over, of comfort, of coming home once again to you. And then send your Spirit to make peace in our lives and lifetime. We have heard the prophets' words of judgment. ..yet we continue grabbing for all we can get, more than anyone else, all the time.

O, author of all good news, we need your written word, Jesus, again. Yet, some of us cannot or will not read. Send him to lead us away from paths of destruction, greed, overindulgence, despair . Send Jesus to challenge us to stop, to encourage us to share, to love us into loving others. Send Jesus to speak, once again, the best words of all, "Don't be afraid. I meet you here today, tomorrow and forever."

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